Update all addons in Firefox

How to update all Firefox addons at once?

Addons are small pieces of software that can improve or help Firefox browser, but you understand that it is also best to keep these addons updated. But how can you update addons for Firefox?

Reopen closed tab in Google Chrome

How to reopen a closed tab or window with Google Chrome

As with other contemporary web browsers, Chrome allows you to quickly reopen tabs and windows that you recently closed. Google moved this option around a bit in 2019 with the release of Chrome 78, but the feature is still easy to find and sure to be after reading this article.

How to Change Bing to Google? for Google Chrome

How to Change Bing to Google? for Google Chrome

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft. Yahoo has also been part of Bing since 2011. Both share the same search results. However, more and more people want to replace Bing with Google. This is because Google shows better search results based on the searches performed by the user.


What is Robo-checker.top? How to remove?

Robo-checker.top is a rogue website, identical to Captchafilter.top, Smartcaptchasolve.top, and Beastbuying.com. Robo-checker.top displays unwanted advertisements on a computer or cell phone. This website does this by abusing notification functionality in the browser to send sponsored ads.