How to use Text To Speech for FREE with Chrome or Edge

You can use extensions on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers to have websites read out loud. These extensions utilize text-to-speech technology, which converts written text into audio.

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that transforms written text into audible speech. It analyzes the input text. Generates corresponding spoken output allowing computers and other devices to render the text in a way that can be heard.

The primary purpose of developing TTS technology is to assist individuals with impairments. It also provides feedback in various applications and makes device interactions more natural and accessible.

You’ll need to install a browser extension to enable text and speech functionality in your browser. These extensions are software components that add features to your browser itself. Best of all, it is free.

How to use text-to-speech for FREE with Chrome or Edge

As mentioned earlier, a browser extension is required to use the mentioned functionality. This refers to the specific “text reader” extension.

The “Text Reader” extension is available for users of the Google Chrome browser. Users of the Microsoft Edge browser can use this “Text Reader” extension.  To take advantage of this functionality, you must install the corresponding extension in the browser.

Text Reader (Text to Speech) TTS by Read me

If you have the extension installed, I recommend pinning the extension. By pinning the extension, the extension is always visible in the menu bar and immediately accessible to make use of it.

Pin text to speech extension

To read a Web site aloud, click the “Text Reader” icon in the menu to open the text reader settings. At the bottom, click the “play” button to read the website content aloud.

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Read website aloud

You can now read out the whole page. However, a disadvantage of reading the entire page is that all hyperlink parts are also read out. This means that all the individual parts on the sites are read out separately before the final text you want to be read out is read out.

To avoid this, you can select text on the site and have it read aloud. This is done by selecting the text with the mouse, then right-clicking and clicking “Read text.” The selected text will now be read in your chosen language.

Read specific content on website aloud

By default, the text-reader extension uses the offline voice “Microsoft David.” If you want to use another voice, you can use the settings. Click the wrench icon to show the settings. Here you can change the voice, speed, pitch, and volume.

Change text reader settings such as voice - voice speed - voice tone - voice volume

I hope this helped. Thank you for reading!

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