What is Kokotrokot.com? How to remove?

Kokotrokot.com is part of a spam campaign. Not the spam campaign you would expect via email, but spam sent via the browser. Kokotrokot.com abuses browser functionality to send unwanted ads to unsuspecting computer and cell phone users.


What is Alpha-news.org? How to remove?

More and more people are becoming victims of the Alpha-news.org domain. The Alpha-news.org website is a website created and maintained by spammers. Criminals use the website to generate income by showing unwanted notifications with advertisements.

What is Onestoreblog.com? How to remove?

More and more scam sites are being created. Onestoreblog.com is one of these scam websites. The Onestoreblog.com website was created by spammers to abuse computer and phone users to send advertisements.


What is Videovoiceaid.ru? How to remove?

Unwanted websites are everywhere on the Internet. Videovoiceaid.ru is also an unwanted website. The Videovoiceaid.ru site misleads visitors by displaying a message and asking them to allow notifications. If the visitor falls for it, then ads are displayed on the computer or cell phone.


What is Beta-one.net? How to remove?

If you suddenly see notifications from Beta-one.net appear in the lower right corner of Windows. Or, if you see these same notifications on an Android or iOS phone, you are a victim of the Beta-one.net scam website.


What is Centralheat.me? How to remove?

Centralheat.me is an unwanted site. The Centralheat.me website is promoted by applications called adware that create unwanted pop-ups in the browser. Both the Centralheat.me site and adware apps are part of cybercrime, identical to Besty-deals.com.


What is Besty-deals.com? How to remove?

Are you a victim of the Besty-deals.com site? If you are a victim, you see an ad sent by the Besty-deals.com domain, unknown to you. Besty-deals.com is a fake domain set up by a group of spammers trying to trick users through this website, it is identical to Positive-news.org, and Typiccor.com.


What is Positive-news.org? How to remove?

Positive-news.org is one of many fake websites. It is identical to Typiccor.com, and Maxy-tax.com. Positive-news.org is designed by spammers who try to make money through clicks on unwanted ads.


What is Typiccor.com? How to remove?

Are you suddenly seeing notifications from Typiccor.com? Unwanted notifications that you suddenly see on your computer, phone, or tablet are from Typiccor.com. That is because Typiccor.com is sending advertisements through your browser.