How to make Opera GX as Your Default Browser

Designed to provide an enhanced gaming environment for its users, Opera GX comes with many features to optimize your browsing while gaming. Engineered specifically to the needs of gamers, this browser is not solely limited to gaming use; it can be your go-to for everyday online activities. Its well-thought-out design and functionalities cater to a diverse range of preferences. Embrace the power of Opera GX by making it your default browser and delve into its unique offerings at your leisure.

Opera GX is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) by including AI-driven suggestions and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a move meant to revolutionize your digital experience. Users can personalize the browser with the latest modifications, streamline their password management, and enjoy continuous enhancements with the regular rollout of new features. As a dedicated gaming browser, Opera GX consistently evolves, introducing innovative functions that set it apart.

You may typically regard Opera GX as an auxiliary browser, supplementing your main web browser. Now, however, the time has come to elevate Opera GX to the position of your default browser. There’s no need for concern if this seems daunting; we have crafted a straightforward guide to simplify the process of making Opera GX your staple browser.

Opera GX is swiftly carving out its niche in the dynamic world of web browsers, challenging leading browsers with its distinctive characteristics and functionality. With in-built virtual private network (VPN) services, an efficient ad blocker, and other features that safeguard your privacy and elevate browsing, Opera GX is quickly becoming a household name. The developers behind Opera GX relentlessly pursue perfection, continuously expanding the browser’s capabilities and appeal.

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How do I set Opera GX as the default browser on my Android phone?

Adopting Opera GX as your principal browser on Android devices is an uncomplicated affair. Navigate to your device’s System Settings to replace your default browser with Opera GX. This tutorial will guide you through the process step by step, allowing you to successfully establish Opera GX as your primary Internet browser on your Android device.

After setting Opera GX as your default, any links you tap from other applications — whether a message in WhatsApp or a link shared on Facebook — will open in Opera GX, granting you a seamless and consistent browsing experience.

In a mere four stages, you can configure Opera GX as the browser of choice on your Android phone. Stick to the directions below to accomplish this:

  1. Head into your phone’s Settings menu and look for the Apps section.
  2. Within the Apps area, proceed to Select Default Apps.
  3. Upon reaching a new screen, look for the Browser app category.
  4. At this juncture, you will be presented with a list of all the browsers installed on your Android phone.
  5. Select Opera GX to assign it as your default Android browser.

Now, whenever you tap a link, it will launch in the Opera GX browser, immersing you in the optimal Opera GX experience.

How do I make Opera GX my main browser on Windows 11?

Transitioning to a new browser such as Opera GX involves visiting your system’s settings on your Windows device. Once you establish Opera GX as your default, it replaces any previous default browser settings. Here is a step-by-step journey to switch your allegiance to Opera GX on Windows 11.

  1. First, access your Settings panel.
  2. Scroll within the settings options until you locate the Default browser section.
  3. Then, click the Make default button adjacent to the default settings options.
  4. When you activate this button, Opera GX is your default browser choice.
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How do I make Opera GX my main browser on Windows 11?

Another path within Windows 11 is heading straight to Settings, selecting ‘Apps,’ and then hitting ‘Default apps’ on the right-side pane. Here, you can use the search function, enter ‘Opera GX’ in the ‘Set defaults for applications’ field, select Opera GX Stable, and then click ‘Set default.’

Set Opera GX as default browser

Windows 11’s intuitive settings make it effortless to designate software as default for particular tasks or file types. The system simplifies the process of managing your default applications.

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