Beware of Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42.exe virus (What is it)

Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42.exe is a potentially unwanted program that is offered through malicious websites. According to my research, this app is distributed by malicious websites that users are redirected to by advertising services related to malware.

A Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) is software installed on a computer or device without the explicit consent or knowledge of the user, and it often exhibits behavior that the user may not desire or expect. PUPs are not necessarily malicious in the same way as malware, but they can still be unwanted and potentially harmful to the user’s computing experience.

Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42 exe

When you install Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42.exe on your computer, several things can happen, and they can negatively impact your computer and your online experience:

  1. Reduced Performance: PUPs can consume system resources such as CPU, memory, and storage space, leading to reduced computer performance. Your system may become slow, unresponsive, or experience frequent crashes.
  2. Unwanted Behavior: PUPs often exhibit unwanted behavior, such as displaying intrusive advertisements, changing your browser’s homepage or search engine, and redirecting your web searches to unwanted websites. These actions can disrupt your online activities and make browsing the web frustrating.
  3. Privacy Concerns: Some PUPs may collect your personal information, browsing habits, or other sensitive data without your consent. This can pose privacy risks and potentially lead to the misuse of your information.
  4. Security Risks: While PUPs are not necessarily malicious, they can open up security vulnerabilities on your computer. Some PUPs may introduce weaknesses that could be exploited by actual malware or cybercriminals.
  5. Difficulty in Removal: Removing PUPs can be challenging. They may not uninstall cleanly, leaving behind residual files, registry entries, or settings. Additionally, PUPs may actively resist removal attempts, making it frustrating for users to get rid of them.
  6. Browser Hijacking: Some PUPs are specifically designed to take control of your web browser. They can change your browser settings, inject ads, or redirect your web traffic to potentially harmful websites.
  7. Unwanted Software Updates: PUPs might prompt you to install fake or unnecessary software updates, leading to more unwanted programs or malware.
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Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42.exe is detected by Windows Defender Security as “PUA:Win32/Packunwan” and is removed once it is detected. If you did open this file, thinking it was safe, scan your computer for malware as advised in this guide.

PUA:Win32 Packunwan

Remove Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42.exe with Anti-malware software

Use tools like Malwarebytes (recommended), AdwCleaner, ESET Online Scanner, Sophos HitmanPRO, and Adware Removal Tool by TSA to thoroughly scan and remove Hola-Setup-C-Mmv42.exe.


Combo Cleaner

Combo Cleaner is a cleaning and antivirus program for Mac, PC, and Android devices. It is equipped with features to protect devices from various types of malware, including spyware, trojans, ransomware, and adware. The software includes tools for on-demand scans to remove and prevent malware, adware, and ransomware infections. It also offers features like a disk cleaner, big files finder (free), duplicate files finder (free), privacy scanner, and application uninstaller.

Follow the installation instructions to install the application on your device. Open Combo Cleaner after installation.

  • Click the "Start scan" button to initiate a malware removal scan.

Start scan

  • Wait for Combo Cleaner to detect malware threats on your computer.
  • When the Scan is finished, Combo Cleaner will show the found malware.
  • Click "Move to Quarantine" to move the found malware to quarantine, where it can't harm your computer anymore.

remove malware with combo cleaner

  • A malware scan summary is shown to inform you about all threats found.
  • Click "Done" to close the scan.

malware scan summary

Use Combo Cleaner regularly to keep your device clean and protected. Combo Cleaner will remain active on your computer to protect your computer from future threats that try to attack your computer. If you have any questions or issues, Combo Cleaner offers a dedicated support team available 24/7.

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Enjoy your adware-free computer. Thanks for reading!

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