What is SmartDeals coupons? How to remove?

If you see coupon codes in the top right corner of your browser with the message “SmartDeals coupons” then you have a browser extension installed. The AddSmartDeals browser extension is responsible for the unknown coupon codes in your browser.

What is SmartDeals coupons?

AddSmartDeals is promoted by unwanted ad networks that also distribute adware. The developers of AddSmartDeals claim that “SmartDeals” is not adware, but it does behave like adware.

Not so much because it promotes unwanted ads in the browser, but more because the AddSmartDeals browser extension is promoted on the same websites on which adware is promoted. The AddSmartDeals extension is advised through the lp.smartdeals.com website, and displays a message to install the extension.

Smartdeals popup

Users who are not familiar with the techniques by which adware is distributed may install this extension because it is forced upon them. Unfortunately, these users end up with an AddSmartDeals extension in their browser that they don’t actually want. The result is that suddenly discount codes are displayed on sites like Amazon, eBay, or Wallmart as “SmartDeal Coupons”.

SmartDeal Coupons

Therefore, I recommend everyone remove the “AddSmartDeals” extension if you are not using it. This is because the “AddSmartDeals” extension has the permission to read your browser history through the browser settings. This may result in your browsing history being sold for advertising purposes.

remove AddSmartDeals extension

How to remove SmartDeals coupons?

The AddSmartDeals extension is available on the Chrome Web Store. You can remove the extension from the Google Chrome browser. Open the Chrome browser. Click on the menu. Click on More tools and then click on Extensions.

Search for the installed “AddSmartDeals” extension and click Remove.

remove AddSmartDeals extension google chrome

I hope to have helped you with this. Thank you for reading.

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