How to remove devices that have access to your Google Account

Do you regularly switch smartphones, use multiple tablets or laptops, or are you just curious about all the devices you are logged into with your Google Account? In this article, you’ll learn how to manage and possibly disallow access to your devices.

Manage Google Account

Nowadays, you can’t just sign in to your Google Account on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Think, for example, of smartwatches with Wear OS or cars with Android Automotive. But, thanks to a page of the search giant, you can quickly check which devices have access to your Google account. Likewise, you can immediately see which devices and other devices you have logged in the past 28 days or which ones are currently logged in.

You can find even more helpful information, such as the first time you logged in, from which location, what browser is used, and what IP address is used. This overview is excellent because it allows you to check whether you recognize all logged-in devices. Want to view and manage all connected devices yourself? This is how it works.

Open the browser on your computer and go to this Google page. Sign in with your Google account (if you haven’t already). Then, look carefully at the list of all devices.

Click on the three dots at the top right of the device and choose the correct option.

Signed in devices in Google account

So there, you can directly log out your Google account on the device or, in the case of a smartphone, have an audible signal played so you immediately know where it is. Please note that logging out does not necessarily mean that apps no longer have access to your account. To manage app access, visit this Google page.

Securing Google Account

See anything suspicious on your logged-in devices? Then do a security check by going to this page. There you will find all kinds of options, including changing your account password, recovery information, and account permissions that you can check.

A good form of security is, of course, two-step verification. This puts an extra layer over your account. If you want to log in on a new device, then just entering your password is no longer enough.

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