How to quiet notification requests in the Edge browser

Users of the Chromium-based Chrome browser have recently muted web notifications. Edge users may wonder how they manage that. Well, they just need to apply this article.

Most common browsers support notifications, and more and more websites have begun to take advantage of them. But, unfortunately, what started as a way for sites to inform users of news, changes, or topics of interest to them is increasingly being abused.

For example, some websites are not ashamed to use notifications for spam, unwanted advertising, or even malicious purposes. In some web browsers, you can altogether disable notifications such as Firefox, Brave, and Chrome. Recently also in Microsoft Edge.

How to quiet notification requests in the Edge browser

Open the Microsoft Edge browser. In the top-right corner, click on the menu button. In the menu click on Settings.

On the left click on Cookies and Site permissions. Scroll down to Notifications, click on it. Enable Quiet notification requests.

Enable Quiet notification requests in Microsoft Edge

Now you won’t be bothered by notification requests using Edge on any website.

In case you would like to subscribe to notifications, click on the “bell” icon in the address bar. Click on it, and click on “Allow for this site”.

Alow notifications using Microsoft Edge

I hope this has helped you to quiet notifications using Microsoft Edge. Thank you for reading!

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