What is How to remove? is an unwanted website. The URL is used to trick computer and phone users; through the site, push notifications are sent. It is these push notifications that display unknown ads on a Windows, macOS, or Android device.

What is How to remove?

Are you receiving notifications from, but have no idea where these notifications are coming from? Notifications from are sent via the browser. The browser sends unknown and unwanted notifications to your computer or cell phone via notification functionality.

SmartDeal Coupons

What is SmartDeals coupons? How to remove?

If you see coupon codes in the top right corner of your browser with the message “SmartDeals coupons” then you have a browser extension installed. The AddSmartDeals browser extension is responsible for the unknown coupon codes in your browser.

What is How to remove?

Are you seeing unwanted pop-up notifications from is a fake website that sends unwanted notifications through the browser. This rogue website is part of a spam campaign that focuses on abusing functionality in the browser.

What is How to remove? is a rogue website that pretends to be a “Captcha” website. If users are not careful, they accept notifications from that start displaying ads in the browser.

What is How to remove? is a scam domain set up by spammers. The website has only one purpose: to send advertisements through the notification functionality of the browser. Unfortunately, the website abuses the notification functionality by exploiting users who are not careful.

What is How to remove? is a scam website. The website is designed by spammers who try to scam people through advertisements. The website is part of an ad spam campaign promoted by multiple ad networks.