Opening and editing PDF file in Microsoft Edge

Pdfs are a common form of digital documents. You have probably come across one at one time or another. For example, some restaurants put their menu on the website as a pdf, or organizations offer online information leaflets in a pdf.

The advantage of pdf documents is that they always look as the creator intended. No matter what program or device the document is opened in, the text and images are always in the same place. A particular program for viewing and editing pdf’s is Adobe Reader. But Windows users can also simply work with a PDF file in the Edge browser.

Opening a PDF in Microsoft Edge

Opening a pdf file while browsing the Internet is easy. However, you may not even be aware that you are doing it. This is because a pdf is linked to the website via a link. This link looks no different than a link to another page on the website. Click on the link. The pdf will open in a new tab of the browser.

Open from Windows Explorer

Is the pdf already saved on your computer? Then open the file from Explorer in Edge.

In the Taskbar, click the yellow folder icon .
The Explorer window will open. Navigate to the pdf.
Right-click on the pdf.
Click Open with.
Click Microsoft Edge.
The window “How do you want to open this file” may appear. In that case, choose Microsoft Edge. Click OK.

Reading a PDF file in Microsoft Edge

The pdf file is open in the Edge browser. The top left shows which page is visible and how many pages there are. Scroll down to see the rest of the document. Is the text too small to read correctly? Click the plus sign a few times to zoom in. To zoom out again, click the minus sign.

Searching in a PDF in Microsoft Edge

Edge offers the possibility to search a pdf. This is especially useful when the file contains many pages.

Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner.
Type the search term.
Behind the typed term is how many times the search term appears in the document. In the text, the search term found is highlighted in yellow. Scroll through the text to see where the search term appears.
Click the cross behind the search box to close the search.

Editing a PDF in Microsoft Edge

Edge also has some editing capabilities for PDFs. For example, users can highlight parts of the text or write in it.

At the top, click the Draw or Highlight icon.
Move the mouse cursor across the screen to draw or highlight.

A different color or thickness? Click on the down arrow behind ‘Draw’ or ‘Highlight’ and click on the desired option.

Not satisfied? Click on the Clear icon (eraser) and hover over the drawing or mark with the mouse cursor to delete it.

Saving a PDF in Microsoft Edge

Save a pdf for later by saving it on your computer.

Click on the icon of a floppy disk in the upper right corner.
If the file was already saved on the computer, any changes would be held immediately. If not, the Explorer window will open. Navigate to the desired location to save the pdf.
Change the name if necessary.
Click on Save.

Printing a pdf in Microsoft Edge

Of course, the pdf can also be printed.

Click on the icon of a printer in the top right corner.
The window with print settings will open. Adjust settings if necessary.
Click on Print.

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