Make Microsoft Edge faster with Startup Boost

Microsoft Edge is already a fast browser because Microsoft Edge is completely optimized for the Windows operating system. To make Microsoft Edge startup even faster, Microsoft has introduced the Startup Boost feature.

Startup boost is a feature that you can enable or disable in the Microsoft Edge settings. Startup Boost ensures that during the startup of Windows itself, the processes for Microsoft Edge are started along. If you then open the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer, then these processes do not need to be started anymore, leading to faster startup of Microsoft Edge.

Startup boost is available on Windows computers (except Windows 10X and servers) with more than 4 GB RAM, or more than 1 GB RAM if the device has a modern SSD drive

Startup boost for Microsoft Edge

To activate Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge, open Microsoft Edge. Then, in the upper right corner, click the Edge menu, and in the menu, click Settings.

On the left menu, click System and Performance. Then click the switch to enable Startup boost in Microsoft Edge. Click again to disable Startup boost.

Enable startup boost in Microsoft Edge

An additional tip, to make Microsoft Edge even faster at startup, turn off the option: Continue to run apps in the background when Microsoft Edge is closed. Also, the option: Use hardware acceleration if available can make Microsoft Edge faster.

I hope this simple tip has helped you open Microsoft Edge faster. Thanks for reading!

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