Always make Google Chrome open your last opened tabs

You know the situation, you are working with the Google Chrome web browser and suddenly Google Chrome crashes, or you need to close Google Chrome. How do you restore the last opened and last active tabs in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome can reopen the last opened tabs for you after shutting down Google Chrome. In fact, Google Chrome can remember your last opened tabs so you don’t have to do that again.

Every time you reopen the Chrome web browser after closing Google Chrome, the closed tabs are restored and you can continue with what you were doing.

Reopen Google Chrome tabs on startup

Open the Google Chrome browser. In the top right corner, click on the 3 dots to open the Chrome menu. In the menu, click on Settings.

In the left menu click on On startup. After that, check the option: Continue where you left off.

Continue where you left off

Now every time Google Chrome is closed then the last opened tabs in Google Chrome will be automatically restored.

I hope this article has helped you to open the last tab in Chrome. Thank you for reading!

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