What is Kokotrokot.com? How to remove?

Kokotrokot.com is part of a spam campaign. Not the spam campaign you would expect via email, but spam sent via the browser. Kokotrokot.com abuses browser functionality to send unwanted ads to unsuspecting computer and cell phone users.

What is Kokotrokot.com?

Kokotrokot.com is a rogue website. It uses deceptive tricks like “Social engineering” to trick computer users into accepting notifications from the Kokotrokot.com domain. Kokotrokot.com does this by displaying a fake message on the website, “Click allow if you are not a robot”. In addition to the message, there is a notice at the top under the address bar to allow notifications with an “allow” button.


If the user clicks the “allow” button, notification permission for the Kokotrokot.com URL is added to the browser settings. The browser then allows notifications to be received and sent on the victim’s computer or phone. The notifications are displayed in the lower right corner of Windows and directly in the browser in Android or iOS cell phones.

Kokotrokot.com makes victims across the range of operating systems. It is not only that Windows users are deceived. Both Android and iOS are also actively attacked. However, most users are not directly redirected to the Kokotrokot.com site. In most cases, the Kokotrokot.com website is promoted by ad networks. These ad networks redirect visitors to rogue websites like Kokotrokot.com, Alpha-news.org, and Onestoreblog.com.

You mustn’t click on the ads promoted by the Kokotrokot.com website. The ads are related to malicious apps, unwanted sites like Casino or adult-only websites. In addition, every click performed through Kokotrokot.com earns money for the spammers behind this online scam.

If you have also fallen victim to the Kokotrokot.com website, you will see pop-up ads from Kokotrokot.com. To remove these pop-ups, you should remove the notification permissions for Kokotrokot.com from the browser settings.

How to remove Kokotrokot.com?

You can remove the notification permissions that Kokotrokot.com abuses by opening the Chrome browser. Click on the menu. Then click on Site settings and then on Notifications. Next, click on the right side of the Kokotrokot.com domain and click on remove.

remove Kokotrokot.com

To remove the notification permission for Kokotrokot.com in Microsoft Edge browser, open the Edge browser. Click on the menu at the top right. Click Settings. Then click Cookies and site permissions. Click on Notifications.

In the “Allow” section, click next to the Kokotrokot.com domain and click remove.

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading.

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