How to update all internet browsers

Constantly update Internet browsers to the latest version. Such an update contains new features or improvements. These are often minor adjustments. But sometimes, an update is necessary, for example, to solve a security problem. Updating is almost always automatic. Nevertheless, it can’t do any harm to check every now and then whether the latest version of the Internet program is on the device.

Updating Chrome on PC

Google usually installs new versions of Google Chrome automatically when opening and closing the browser. However, those who do not open the browser for a while sometimes have to take action themselves.

Open Google Chrome.
Click on the “Customize and manage Google Chrome” icon in the upper right .
Click on Help.
Click on About Google Chrome.
Under ‘About Chrome’, you will see which version of the browser is on the PC. There are now three options:
If the latest version is on the computer, it says ‘Google Chrome is up to date’. So you do not need to do anything.
Sometimes Chrome installs the latest version right away. Click Restart to use the Update.
The latest version is not installed yet, and Chrome is not performing an update. Click Google Chrome Update > Restart.

Updating Firefox on PC

Update the browser Firefox like this:

Open Firefox.
Click on the top-right icon ‘Open Menu’ .
Click on Help.
Click About Firefox.
A window opens. Firefox immediately checks for updates and downloads them automatically.
If necessary, click Restart Firefox to update.

Update Edge on a PC

The Edge browser is on a Windows computer by default. Edge updates itself automatically when the program restarts. Check as follows to see if an update is not available after all.

Open Microsoft Edge.
Click the “Settings and more” icon at the top right .
In the drop-down window, click Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge.
If the program has the latest version, it says ‘Microsoft Edge is updated’. If not, it automatically downloads the latest updates.

Updating Safari on Mac

The internet browser Safari is standard on Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads. However, it is only up-to-date when the latest version of the operating system is on the device. So always install the latest macOS update on the computer.

Update browsers on Android device

On an Android device, update browsers through the Play Store.

Open the Play Store.
At the top, tap the circle with your photo or initials in it.
Tap Manage apps and devices.
Tap the Manage tab.
Under Manage, tap Updates available to see all apps for which an update is ready.
See if the browser is in the list of apps. If not, the latest version is installed. If the browser is among them, put a checkmark behind the app.
At the top, tap the icon of a circle with a checkmark in it.

Updating browsers on iOS devices

Apple automatically updates the Internet application Safari with the installation of the latest iOS version. Update other browsers through the App Store.

Open the App Store.
Tap on the image of your Apple ID or the blue figure in the top right corner.
Under “Available updates” or “Upcoming automatic updates” are all the apps for which an update is available. Behind an app, tap Update to update it.
Update all apps at once? Then tap Update all.

Learn more: update all firefox addons at once.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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