How to update all Firefox addons at once?

Addons are small pieces of software that can improve or help Firefox browser, but you understand that it is also best to keep these addons updated. But how can you update addons for Firefox?

Addons in Firefox can be useful for displaying and operating web pages correctly. Think for example of the Adobe Reader and Media player addons. You understand that it is also best to keep these addons up-to-date, for security reasons among others. Now only the question remains, how can you update the addons in Firefox?

How to update Firefox addons?

Open the Firefox browser. In the right-top corner click on the Firefox menu button. Click on Settings in the menu.

Firefox settings

In the lower left corner click on Extensions and themes.

Extension and themes settings in Firefox

Click on the wrench button, click on “Check for updates”. Any new update for the addons will be automatically installed in Firefox.

Update all addons in Firefox

I hope this article has helped you to update all your addons in the Firefox browser. Thank you for reading!

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