How to install and remove Themes in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge lets you add themes to personalize the look of the browser. It’s even more fun when you know it can be done without too much hassle. Want to know more? Then read the article below.

Before you start, we strongly recommend that you update Microsoft Edge to the latest available version. After that, personalizing Edge is a piece of cake. Furthermore, I would like to inform you that the Add-on store of Microsoft Edge offers 24 official themes to change the look of Edge. Not really a lot but this will no doubt change in the future. I would also like to inform you that by installing a theme, you can brighten up Edge without having to switch to dark mode 😉

How to install Themes in Microsoft Edge

Open the Edge browser. Go to the theme store. On the left click on “Themes”.

Click on the “Get” button to download the Theme for Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge themes

Next, click on the “Add theme” button to install the theme.

Add theme to Microsoft Edge

No need to restart Microsoft Edge after applying the theme.

If you do not like a theme at all, you can easily remove it again.

Navigate to the settings. You know the 3 dots (…) in the top right corner > Settings.
Select Appearance in the left column and then click on “Default theme”.

Revert back to default theme in Microsoft Edge

I hope this article has helped you. Thank you for reading.

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