How to fix Google Chrome no sound? Here’s the solution!

If you do not have sound in Google Chrome, then this could have several causes. It is important that you first determine if the sound indeed does not only work in Google Chrome. If the sound doesn’t work across the entire operating system, it might be due to drivers or linked hardware.

If you have determined that the sound problem only occurs in Google Chrome, then this article’s tips may help.

Google Chrome no sound

Open the Google Chrome browser (if it had not already opened). Then click on the three-dotted menu icons in the top right corner of the Chrome browser. After that, click on Settings from the menu.

On the left, click on Privacy and Security settings and click on Site settings.

Click Additional Content Settings and then click the “Sound” settings.

To enable sound in Chrome, you need to enable the “Sites can play sounds” button.

Next, check if any websites are blocked from playing sound in the “No permission to play sound” section. If there are any websites in the section that do not have permission to play sound, click on the three dots to the site’s right and click Remove.

Fix Chrome no sound problem

You cannot make any further adjustments in Google Chrome that relate to sound. Sound through Google Chrome is also controlled through the operating system. Therefore, if you still have problems with the sound, check the sound settings in the operating system.

Here are a few additional fixes.

  • Make sure the tab is not muted.
  • Restart Google Chrome
  • Rebooting the computer
  • Resetting Google Chrome
  • Clearing cache and cookies
  • Open Incognito tab to hear if it plays sound
  • Check Google Chrome extension and remove unknown or unused extensions
  • Start Google Chrome guest profile to see if it then plays sound in Chrome.
  • Reinstall Google Chrome

I hope this has helped you fix Chrome has no sound. Thank you for reading!

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