What is Footer Quotes in Chrome? How to remove?

If you suddenly see yellow quotes at the bottom of Google search results, then you have installed the “Footer Quotes” browser extension. Unfortunately, this extension is classified as “adware”.

What is Footer Quotes?

Footer Quotes is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It is promoted by pop-ups that are related to adware apps and malicious advertising networks. Ads are displayed as pop-ups by the browserquote.com domain.

Browserquote.com pop-up

Suppose the user installs the Footer Quotes extension as advertised. In that case, yellow-colored quotes are displayed at the bottom of Google search results.

Yellow Quotes in Google Search results

This is not a legitimate extension, as you can often install. No, this is an extension that collects search results from your browser and search queries. The search results are collected and sold to advertising networks. This is how the developers of “Browser Quotes” or “Footer Quotes” try to make money. The extension doesn’t add anything to your browser, either. The quotes are of poor quality, and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to install this.

The extension has been installed about 70,000 times, according to the Google Chrome Webstore. If you have installed the “Footer Quotes” extension, then I recommend uninstalling this browser extension as soon as possible.

How to remove Footer Quotes?

The “Footer Quotes” extension is available from the Chrome Web Store. You can remove the extension from the Google Chrome browser. Open the Chrome browser. Click on the menu. Click on More tools and then click on Extensions.

Search for the installed “Footer Quotes” extension and click Remove.

Uninstall Footer Quotes extension from Google Chrome

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading.

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