What is FlowAds? “Ads by FlowAds” How to remove?

FlowAds is a browser extension for Google Chrome. Promoted by unwanted pop-ups, the FlowAds extension promises to improve Google search results by injecting ads like “Ads by FlowAds” between search results.

What is FlowAds?

In reality, FlowAds is known as “adware.” It is a browser extension for Google Chrome that promotes itself through dubious ads that request to install the FlowAds browser extension, similar to Footer Quotes. One of these sites is getflowads.net.

Getflowads.net FlowAds advertisement popup

FlowAds injects ads between the Google search results in the browser. By injecting the “Ads by FlowAds” text, the creators of this browser extension promise to improve search results. In reality, money is made by the creators for every click of a user. It is a deceptive way to make money for clicks.

Ads by FlowAds

The injects ads, adds absolutely nothing, and consists of advertisements to discount sites and affiliate cloaked ads. The problem lies mainly in the way FlowAds is promoted on the Internet.

The pop-ups you see from getflowads.net and other sites are part of a well-known adware spam campaign. Visitors are tricked into installing this browser extension misleadingly.

In this way, many people will have installed the FlowAds extension without knowing exactly what this extension does. Then, when these users go to the Google search engine, they suddenly see “Ads by FlowAds” unwanted ads and pop-ups in the browser. In addition, searches that are then performed through the Google search engine are gathered to show even more personally targeted ads.

Suppose you see unwanted pop-up advertisements with an “Ads by FlowAds” label. In that case, you should remove the browser extension from Google Chrome in the following way.

How to remove FlowAds?

You can remove the extension from the Google Chrome browser. Open the Chrome browser. Click on the menu. Click on More tools and then click on Extensions.

Search for the installed “FlowAds” extension and click Remove.

Uninstall FlowAds

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading.

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