How to disable notifications in Google Chrome on Windows 11?

Notifications are helpful for new blog content, new news messages or to be kept informed in a general sense. A browser sends notifications only if the user has given permission to send notifications.

However, a browser also sends requests to allow notifications. You must then click on the allow button of the notification. If you wish to block notification requests, you can do so in the Chrome settings.

Google Chrome will not ask to allow push notifications anymore after stopping notifications. You will need to click on the “bell” button yourself if you wish to accept notifications.

Disable Chrome notifications in Windows 11

First, open the Chrome browser in Windows 11. In the top-right click on the menu button. In the menu click on Settings.

On the left click on “Privacy and Security”, then click on “Site settings”. Click on “Notifications” to open notifications permissions in Google Chrome.

Enable the setting: Don’t allow sites to send notifications to stop receiving notification requests in Chrome.

Don't allow sites to send notifications

You can also enable setting: Use quieter messaging, sites are blocked from interrupting you when they ask to send notifications. If you ever wish to enable notifications again, click on “Sites can ask to send notifications”.

Learn more, quiet notification requests in Microsoft Edge.

I hope this has helped you to stop receiving notifications in the Chrome browser. Thank you for reading!

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