3 tips for customizing the Google Chrome New tab page

The new tab in Google Chrome has a default appearance. So at first, there is not very much you can change about the new tab.

However, it is possible to modify the tab with some alternative extensions and functionality.

When you open the new tab in Google Chrome, you will see an address bar, the Google Chrome logo, and the most visited websites displayed inboxes.

To get started, we will see what we can customize about the default new tab in Chrome.

Customize Google Chrome New Tab Page

Remove shortcuts

By default, the new tab in Google Chrome displays most websites you have visited as shortcuts. You can remove these shortcuts (websites) from the list.

Hover over the shortcut, keep your mouse on it, three dots will appear. Click on the three dots and select Edit shortcut.

Edit shortcut on Chrome new tab page

A new window will now appear where you can edit or delete the shortcut. Click delete to remove the shortcut from the new tab in Google Chrome.

At the bottom of the new tab, you will find two more options to restore the deleted shortcut or the default shortcut.

Shortcut removed Chrome new tab

Set a blank new tab

Suppose you have a slower computer, or you prefer a completely white/blank tab. In that case, you can use the following extension to set your tab settings to blank/empty.

Quite simply, install the extension, and the new tab in Chrome will be blank every time you open it.

Blank tab extension

Blank chrome new tab page

Setting a blank tab in Google Chrome does make using Google Chrome a lot faster.

Set your own website as a new tab

If you prefer to set your own website that opens when you open a new tab, you can do so with the following tip. The browser extension NewTab redirect helps you set a website of your own choice that opens when you open a new tab.

NewTab redirect extension

Install the NewTab redirect extension. First, click on the puzzle piece icon in the Chrome menu bar. Then click on the thumbtack icon to display the New Tab redirect browser extension in the Google Chrome menu bar.

Pin extension to menu in Chrome

Click on the New Tab redirect extension in the menu bar. Then, open the Options from the menu to set up a new tab website.

In the NewTab redirect extension settings, in the field under “Redirect URL,” enter the website you want to open every time a new tab is opened in Google Chrome. Then click the Save button to make the settings active.

Redirect new tab page in Chrome to custom URL

You have now set up a website that will open when a new tab is opened in Google Chrome.

I hope this has helped you customize the tab in Google Chrome. Thank you for reading!

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