How to change font and font size in Google Chrome

Chrome also allows you to adjust the font size and or font type to make websites more readable. You can read how to do that in this article.

With Chrome you can also adjust the font size. Now of course you can use the zoom function (CTRL + scroll wheel on your mouse) because to do so, but the downside is that you then magnify the entire web page. Fortunately, it is also possible to adjust the font size.

How to change default font and font size in Google Chrome

To adjust the font size with Chrome do the following:

Open Chrome. Click on the menu button in the upper right corner. Click on: Settings. Click on Appearance in the left column. In the right part of the dialog box, click the font size you want.

Change font size google chrome

Change standard font

Just below the font size, you can also adjust the font in much the same way if you wish. First, click on “Customize fonts”.

Click the arrow on the far right next to fonts. Then select the desired font. From here you can also change font size and minimum font size.

Change standard font in Google chrome

I hope this article has helped you change font size and change the standard font in Chrome. Thank you for reading!

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