This category page shows my latest blog posts about malicious pop-up advertisements.


What is Robo-checker.top? How to remove?

Robo-checker.top is a rogue website, identical to Captchafilter.top, Smartcaptchasolve.top, and Beastbuying.com. Robo-checker.top displays unwanted advertisements on a computer or cell phone. This website does this by abusing notification functionality in the browser to send sponsored ads.


What is Onemacusa.com? How to remove?

Onemacusa.com is an unwanted website that sends spam messages. The Onemacusa.com website does this by abusing notification functionality in the browser. It is a well-known deception carried out by several similar websites, namely Captchafilter.top, Oataltaul.com, and Yourhotfeed.com.


What is Captchafilter.top? How to remove?

Captchafilter.top is a fake captcha website. Captchafilter.top is designed by spammers, and they are only after one thing. Namely, to send unwanted pop-up ads through the Captchafilter.top domain.


What is Oataltaul.com? How to remove?

Do you keep seeing Oataltaul.com notifications on your computer or phone? Oataltaul.com is a scam website that misleads users by asking them to allow notifications in their browser. Once the user accepts these notifications, they will continuously display notifications with sponsored ads.


What is Yourhotfeed.com? How to remove?

Yourhotfeed.com is a website that users are referred to. However, no user opens the browser and goes to Yourhotfeed.com. That is because Yourhotfeed.com is a scam site. It is part of a spam campaign set up by spammers.


What is Allowsuccess.org? How to remove?

Allowsuccess.org ads are dangerous. They are ads that redirect to dubious apps, rogue websites, and sites related to malware. Allowsuccess.org is a domain set up by spammers to convince users to give permission to send notifications. These notifications contain ads, which you see in Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.


What is Kokotrokot.com? How to remove?

Kokotrokot.com is part of a spam campaign. Not the spam campaign you would expect via email, but spam sent via the browser. Kokotrokot.com abuses browser functionality to send unwanted ads to unsuspecting computer and cell phone users.


What is Alpha-news.org? How to remove?

More and more people are becoming victims of the Alpha-news.org domain. The Alpha-news.org website is a website created and maintained by spammers. Criminals use the website to generate income by showing unwanted notifications with advertisements.

What is Onestoreblog.com? How to remove?

More and more scam sites are being created. Onestoreblog.com is one of these scam websites. The Onestoreblog.com website was created by spammers to abuse computer and phone users to send advertisements.