How to block installation of Chrome extensions in Google Chrome

Extensions are helpful additions that you can use to make Google Chrome better. Every Google Chrome user can extend Chrome with useful extensions.

However, extensions can also make Google Chrome slower or stop working altogether. In addition, there are also a lot of malicious extensions available for Google Chrome. Unwanted extensions can then in turn, modify the Google Chrome home page or change the search engine undesirably.

So in some cases, you may not want to add new extensions to Google Chrome. Blocking Google Chrome extensions then offers a solution. In this article, I will explain to you step by step how to prevent Google Chrome extensions from being installed.

Block Google Chrome extensions via the Windows registry

In the Windows search bar type: regedit.exe. Open the registry editor.

In the registry editor on the left, navigate to the key:


Right-click on the key named Chrome. In the right-click menu, click New and then Key.

Give the new key the name: ExtensionInstallBlocklist.

Then click in the right field and choose New and then string value. Name the new string value “1” without quotes.

In the data field, type “*” without quotes. So just the asterisk.

You have now successfully blocked the ability to install Google Chrome extensions in Google Chrome.

Now when trying to install a new Chrome extension in Google Chrome you will see in the upper right corner the message: Blocked by admin in Google Chrome browser.

Blocked by admin - extensions Chrome

I hope this has helped you to block installation of Chrome extensions. Thank you for reading!

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