How to backup Chrome history without a Google account

If you don’t want to leave securing your Chrome browser history to Google, you can make your own backups.

A browser history backup is useful if you accidentally delete your data from your Google account. It will erase the entire browser history from every device you were logged into. The only way to get your browser history data back at that point is to use a local backup.

Creating a browser history backup is simple. Google Chrome automatically saves your browser history to a MySQL database file on your computer. You just need to copy that file to a desired secure location.

To restore the browser history backup, just copy that file again to the Chrome folder and replace the existing database. Here’s how it works!

Backing up Google Chrome browser history without a Google account

Close the Google Chrome browser and open the Windows explorer.

Go to the folder:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
(replace Username with your Windows username).

Copy the “History” file. This is the database containing the Google Chrome browser history. Place the History file in a secure location. It is recommended that you secure this History file regularly.

Copy history file Google Chrome for backup

Next time you wish to restore the browser history, copy the secured History file and overwrite it in the folder where the History file came from.

You have now secured the Google Chrome browser history without a Google account. Thanks for reading!

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