What is Apsolutamente.com? How to remove?

Apsolutamente.com is a rogue website that pretends to be a “Captcha” website. If users are not careful, they accept notifications from Apsolutamente.com that start displaying ads in the browser.

What is Apsolutamente.com?

The Apsolutamente.com website is part of a spam advertising campaign. Apsolutamente.com is identical to Videochanelaccess.ru and displays ads when a user accepts the notifications offered by Apsolutamente.com. The notifications are supported by a fake notification. In this case, the Apsolutamente.com website pretends to be a reCaptcha website. The user supposedly has to press the “allow” button to continue. If the user does so, the user will see ads on a computer (Windows or Mac) or on a cell phone (Android, iOS).


The notifications that Apsolutamente.com sends are usually fake antivirus notifications. However, they can also be casino ads or ads that are only suitable for adult users. Generally, these ads are targeted and based on the user’s browsing habits. The Apsolutamente.com website does this by reading cookies and browser history through the browser.

It does not matter in which browser. The Apsolutamente.com website makes victims across the whole range of browsers. Still, favorites are Google Chrome and the Microsoft Edge browser because these browsers are used the most.

How to remove Apsolutamente.com?

You can remove the notification permission that Apsolutamente.com abuses by opening the Chrome browser.

  1. Click on the menu.
  2. Then click on Site settings.
  3. Click on Notifications.
  4. Click to the right of the Apsolutamente.com domain and click remove.

remove Apsolutamente.com google chrome

To remove the notification permission for Apsolutamente.com in Microsoft Edge browser, open the Edge browser. Click on the menu at the top right. Click Settings. Then click Cookies and site permissions. Click on Notifications.

In the “Allow” section, click next to the Apsolutamente.com domain and click remove.

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading.

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