Apply dark mode to the Google Search engine

Dark mode is an additional mode that can be used to display primarily dark surfaces.

The dark mode design reduces the light emitted by the device screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability.

The advantage of dark mode is that it can significantly reduce eye fatigue. In addition, the screens adjust to the current lighting conditions to increase user comfort at night or in dark environments can.

In addition, it saves the battery, allowing the device to be used longer without charging. If you use the Google search engine a lot, you can apply a dark mode to this.

Dark mode in Google Search results

Open the Google Chrome browser and navigate to At the bottom right corner, click Settings. Click on Search settings.

On the left, click on Appearance and then “Dark theme”. Click the Save button to save the dark mode settings in this browser.

Turn on dark theme in Google search

You will now immediately see that dark mode is enabled for the Google search engine.

To enable or disable dark theme instantly, click on Settings and then on “Dark theme” on or off.

Dark theme on or off Google search

I hope this article has helped you manage dark theme in Google search. Thank you for reading!

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