What is Alpha-news.org? How to remove?

More and more people are becoming victims of the Alpha-news.org domain. The Alpha-news.org website is a website created and maintained by spammers. Criminals use the website to generate income by showing unwanted notifications with advertisements.

What is Alpha-news.org?

Alpha-news.org is a website that spammers have designed to deceive users. It works in the following way. If a user clicks on the Alpha-news.org outcome through the browser, then a fake message is displayed. This is the message “Click allow if you are not a robot”. The message tries to trick users into clicking the “allow” button in the browser window.


If a computer or phone user clicks the “allow” button, notification permission is added in the browser for Alpha-news.org. This allows spammers to send notifications through the Alpha-news.org domain to your computer or phone.

The notifications that Alpha-news.org sends contain advertisements. These advertisements are based on the user’s online Internet behavior. Therefore, the advertisement adapts itself to the searches that have been performed through the browser. Also, the notifications are often written in the same language as the victim’s native language. This adapts the notification by looking up the language code through the user’s IP address.

Most computer users do not land directly on the Alpha-news.org website. Instead, most are redirected through ad networks that have included the Alpha-news.org website in the spam campaign, identical to Onestoreblog.com, and Videovoiceaid.ru. These are ad networks associated with spam, adware and rogue websites that are part of cybercrime.

If you also see notifications from Alpha-news.org on your computer or cell phone, you are a victim of this form of cybercrime. You should then remove the browser permission to send notifications for the Alpha-news.org domain.

How to remove Alpha-news.org?

You can remove the notification permissions that Alpha-news.org abuses by opening the Chrome browser. Click on the menu. Then click on Site settings and then on Notifications. Next, click on the right side of the Alpha-news.org domain and click on remove.

remove Alpha-news.org

To remove the notification permission for Alpha-news.org in Microsoft Edge browser, open the Edge browser. Click on the menu at the top right. Click Settings. Then click Cookies and site permissions. Click on Notifications.

In the “Allow” section, click next to the Alpha-news.org domain and click remove.

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading.

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